West Coast Slalom Visual Training Video


This West Coast Slalom Visualization Training is a natural next step to Mike Suyderhoud’s ground breaking West Coast Slalom Advanced DVD. This training features the smooth and fluid West Coast Slalom technique of Terry Winter as a model. The DVD is designed to be a regular part of your weekly training regimen. Based on the psychological concept of modeling and incorporating the Shortcut Method visualization training, the DVD will help you improve your technique through neuromuscular patterning. By following the simple, yet effective outline for focused mental practice your body’s own mechanism for creating movement will help you change and improve your slalom technique. Listening to your favorite music while viewing the visualization sequences makes this an enjoyable process. It also creates an auditory link between the images on the DVD and the music.


  • Take your Slalom training to the next level with focussed mental practice.   
  • Use the power of your mind to change and improve your slalom technique.
  • Improve your skiing faster and easier through Visualization Training.            

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